MTA01 Pliers
MTA02 Pump Plier,Slip Joint Plier
MTA03 Circle Plier
MTA04 Pipe Wrench
MTA05 Bolt Cutter
MTA07 Carpenter's Pincer
MTA08 Locking Plier
MTA09 Belt Punch
MTA10 Bench Vise
MTB01 Spanner
MTB02 Adjustable Wrench
MTB03 Socket Wrench
MTB04 Ratchet Bar/Torque Wrench
MTB04 Socket Bit
MTB04 Socket Wrench Set
MTB05 G Clamp
MTB06 Hex Key Wrench
MTC01 Claw Hammer
MTC02 Machinist Hammer
MTC03 Stone Hammer
MTC04 Ball Pein Hammer
MTC05 Sledge Hammer
MTC06 Cross Peen Hammer
MTC07 Chipping Hammer
MTC08 Roofing Hammer
MTC09 10 11 Electrician/Welding/Joiner Hammer
MTC12 Brick Hammer
MTC13 Riveting Hammer
MTC14 Axe
MTC15 Rubber Hammer
MTC16/17 Wooden Hammer/Adze
MTD01 Steel Pick
MTD02 Shovel
MTD03 Hoe
MTD04/05 Fork
MTD06 Machete
MTD07 Stone Chisel
MTD08 Wrecking Bar
MTE01/02 Grease Gun and accessories
MTE03/04 Oil Pump/Pot
MTE05/06/07 Hydraulic Jack/Stand
MTE08 Gear Puller
MTE09/10 Piston Ring Compressor/Oil Filter Wrench
MTE11 Tap and Die Set
MTF01 Ratchet Die Stock
MTF02 Pipe Cutter
MTF03 Flaring Tools
MTF04 P.T.F.E. Tape
MTF05 Plastic Pipe Welding Machine
MTG01 Hand Saw
MTG02/03 Hacksaw Frame/Park saw frame
MTG04 Saw Blade for hacksaw
MTG05 Saw Blade
MTH01 Drill bit
MTH02 Hole Saw
MTI01/02/03 Trowel
MTI04 Putty Knife
MTI05/06 Caulking Gun,Paint Mixer
MTI07 Wood/Carving Chisel
MTI08 Rabbet Plane
MTI09 Glass Cutter
MTI10 Tile Cutter
MTI11 Keel Clamp
MTJ01 Steel Wire Brush
MTJ02 Cup Wire Brush
MTJ03 Paint Brush
MTJ04 Paint Roller
MTK01 Abrasive Paper/Cloth
MTK02/03 Sharpening Stone,Cutting Wheel
MTK04/05 Buffing Wheel
MTK06 Bench Grinder
MTL01 Hand Riveter
MTL02/03 Stapple Gun and Staple
MTM01 Spary Gun
MTM03/04 Air Hose and Connector
MTN01/02/03/04 Pump (Hand and Foot)
MTO01 Chain Block
MTO02 Puller
MTO03 Shackle,Hook,Turnbuckle
MTO04 Ratchet Tie Down
MTP01 Electrode Holer
MTP02 Cutting Torch
MTP03 Cutting Nozzle
MTP04 Welding Mask
MTP05 Helmet
MTP06 Dust Mask,Earplug
MTP08 Safety Goggle
MTP09 Glove
MTP10 Wrapping/Packing Machine
MTQ01/02 Tool Box(Matel and Plasitc)
MTR01/02 Scissors(Tinman's Snips)
MTR03 Garden Shear
MTR04 Garden Tools (Fork Shovel,ETC)
MTR05 Garden hose/Sprinkler
MTS01 Cutter Knife
MTS02 Adhesive Tape
MTT01 Hot Glue Gun
MTT02/03 Soldering Iron
MTT04 Booster Cable
MTT05 Power Socket
MTT06 Overhaul Lamp
MTT07 Cable Cutter
MTT08/09 Wire Stripper/Carbon Brush
MTU01 Steel File
MTU02 Needle File
MTV01 Measuring Tape
MTV02 Level
MTV03 Try Angle Square
MTV04 Feeler Gauges
MTV05/06 Vernier Caliper/Micrometers
MTV07 Counter Meter
MTV08 Scale
MTV09 Pressure Gauge
MTW01 Nail,Screw,Etc.
MTX01/02 Hardware (Hook, hinge,Etc.)
MTX03 Castor
MTX04 Hose Clamp
MTX05 Steel Belt Lacing
MTX06 Padlock
MTY01 Mesh/Steel Wire
MTZ01 Tester Pen
MTZ02 Precision Screwdriver
MTZ03 Screw Driver
MTZ04 Screwdriver Set

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